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M.SC Degree Course Details

Full form of M.Sc is Master of Science (M.Sc). M.Sc is a two-year duration postgraduate degree course offered by universities and colleges in various specialised Science fields such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Environmental Sciences, Food Sciences, Life Sciences and so on.
A Master Of Science degree provides scientific as well as professional entry-level competency to students. The course offers advanced theoretical as well as practical knowledge to students in their chosen specialisation. The M.Sc specialisation opted by students is usually the one studied by them during graduation.
If you are a graduate looking for career options in the field of Science, given below is everything-you-need-to-know about M.Sc in terms of its required skillset, basic eligibility criteria, course curriculum, top entrance exams, job profiles etc.

M.Sc Degree Course Eligibility

All candidates need to possess a bachelor’s degree in Science from a recognised college/ university then after he is eligible to attempt M.Sc

M.Sc Degree Course Duration

The course of M.Sc course duration will be 2 years

Type Of M.Sc Degree Courses

M.Sc Agriculture
M.Sc Analytical Chemistry
M.Sc Applied Psychology
M.Sc Artificial Intelligence
M.Sc Big Data Analytics
M.Sc Biochemistry
M.Sc Bioinformatics
M.Sc Biomedical Science
M.Sc Biotechnology
M.Sc Botany
M.Sc Geography
M.Sc Geoinformatics
M.Sc Geology
M.Sc Home Science
M.Sc Horticulture
M.Sc Chemistry
M.Sc Clinical Research
M.Sc Computer Science
M.Sc Data Science
M.Sc Development Studies
M.Sc Economics
M.Sc Electronics
M.Sc Environmental Science
M.Sc Food Technology
M.Sc Forensic Sciences
M.Sc Inorganic Chemistry
M.Sc Life Science
M.Sc Mathematics
M.Sc Medical Anatomy

M.Sc Degree Carrier Opportunity

M.Sc courses are popular among science aspirants owing to diverse opportunities which they can pursue post completion of these courses. M.Sc being a globally recognised programme offers numerous job prospects in India and abroad depending on the specialisation which the student has studied. There are plenty of opportunities both in the private and the public sector as well as the education and research sector.

M.Sc Degree Carrier Scope

M.Sc has a lot of scope in India. The science stream remains one of the most popular streams in the country preferred by students and their parents alike. Since this is a postgraduate course it quickly leads to a career. There is a high demand for science professionals in the country’s ever-growing science, technology and research & development industries. Therefore, doing an M.Sc degree course is the right move because it has a great scope in India.

M.Sc Degree Courses Syllabus

The subjects for each M.Sc specialisations – Mathematics, Psychics, Chemistry and Biology are different. There are a few common subjects that are there for each semester and some are electives to be taken in the final year of the course. Here’s a list of the subjects divided according to the specialisations:-

M.Sc Mathematics

1. Linear Algebra
2. Real Analysis
3. Complex Analysis
4. Numeral Analysis
5. Differential Geometry
6. Advanced Abstract Algebra
7. Advanced Differential Equations
8. Measure and Integration Geometry of Numbers

M.Sc Chemistry

1. Computational Chemistry
2. Organic Chemistry
3. Inorganic Chemistry
4. Analytical Chemistry
5. Physical Chemistry
6. Advanced Quantum Chemistry
7. Chemistry of Materials
8. Chemical Dynamics and Electrochemistry
9. Advanced Chemical Kinetics and Electrochemistry
10. Transition and Non-transition Metal Chemistry
11. Modern Techniques and Scope of Chemical Biology

M.Sc Physics

1. Astrophysics
2. Classical Mechanics
3. Quantum Mechanics
4. Classical Electrodynamics
5. Electronics
6. Statistical Mechanics
7. Advanced Optics
8. Nuclear and Particle Physics
9. Atomic and Molecular Physics
10. Advanced Quantum Mechanics
11.Computer Applications in Physics

M.Sc Biology

1. Cell Biology
2. Metabolism and Metabolomics
3. Molecules of living systems
4. Genes and Genomics
5. Methods in Applied Sciences
6. Microbiology
7. Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
8. Biochemistry
9. Plant physiology
10. Introduction to Pharmacology
11. Animal Physiology
12. Biophysics and Structural Biology
13. Clinical Immunology
14. Recent Advances in Biology
15. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

M.Sc Degree Admission Process

M.Sc admission process is as follows for the candidates:–
1. Exam conducted by JEE INDIA-2021
2. Candidate should fill the JEE INDIA-2021 registration form from the official website www.jeeindia.in
3. After qualifying the JEE INDIA exam, based on All India Rank (AIR) student will get admission in one of the top institutes.

M.Sc Degree Course Expected Salary

M.Sc salary per month (in lakh)
Chemical Analyst                       3 to 10 lakhs
Professor                                    8 to 10 lakhs
Junior Research Fellow              4 to 6 lakhs
Biochemist                                  5 to 9 lakhs

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